Host a
Clem Snide
Home Show!

Photo  @flamey_goodfin

Thank you for your interest in hosting Clem Snide for a show in your home! Clem Snide loves to tour the country and perform intimate acoustic shows in living rooms of all sorts! We’d love to send him to your home to perform for a small group of music lovers!

There are TWO types of home shows:

Public Home Show

With a Public Home Show, we will advertise to Clem Snide fans that there is a Home Show taking place in your hometown, and we will sell tickets to the public through our website. Anybody can buy a ticket, so naturally, you won’t personally know all the attendees. But don’t worry, they’re all Clem Snide fans just like you! 100% of the ticket proceeds goes to the artist. We will not publicly advertise your name, address, or contact information. That info will be provided to ticket buyers ONLY!

Private Home Show

Think of a Private Home Show as a private party for you and guests that YOU invite. Clem Snide will perform for a group of any size in your home. We will not publicize this event anywhere! In the case of a Private Home Show, Clem Snide gets paid by you directly, not by selling tickets. You can charge an admission fee to your friends if you want, or you can pay for it yourself. Clem Snide’s fee depends on a few different factors, like travel, timing, etc. So please contact us for more information!